Otithelis.com Website design by local Greek website artist living in Larissa Thessali
Affordable Web Design
Otithelis.com in Larissa offers affordable website design packages for you at very low prices starting at 200 Euros. (Price includes 100 euros hosting charge, so you are only paying 100 Euros for your website)

What do I get for 200 euros?
You are looking at a fine example of what you get for 200 euros. A simple one page website, that is all most people actually need. As you can see I have a mail form as well as external links. If a one page website is OK for you, then 200 euros is OK with me.

What if I need more than just one page?
Any additional page will cost only 50 euros per page.

Will I have to pay any monthly fee?
Hosting your site on the internet costs 100 euros per year. It doesn't matter if you have only one page or 100 pages, you still only pay the flat rate of just 100 Euros per year.

What kind of things can I put on my website?
Anything you want. In fact the word "Otithelis" is Greek for "what ever you want". You can have music clips, videos, Games or anything you can think of.

But I don't need a whole website. Is there anything cheaper?
There is something cheaper. For the low cost of just 50 euros per year you can have an article on any of the websites that I have listed on the right column of this webpage (except for LarissaTora.com since it accepts no ads and works by recommendations only). You would get a paragraph with a photo and your link would go on every webpage on that website.

I already have a website. What can you do for me?
If you already have a website then I can make you two offers.

1) Transfer your hosting to OtiThelis.com and I will give you two years free hosting if you sign up for four years. That means you would pay only 200 euros for the first 4 years to host your website.

2) For just 10 euros per year, I can place a link to your website on any of my webpages.

I am in charge of a nonprofit organization. Any special discounts?
I must admit that my first reaction to that question was, "Go screw yourself buddy". But after thinking about it, I am now saying, "Contact me, we can talk about it. I may even put you on the internet for free". Philanthropic deeds like these are good for the public image of OtiThelis.com.

Otithelis.com can give your small business or organization access to the exploding number of people who brows online here in the Larissa area, and around the world. Contact me and make your website a reality.

I'll work with you to create a custom website by showing you what effective website design can do for your small business or organization - and all for an affordable fee. My website design expresses information in an elegant, effective, professional manner that turns web browsers into customers.
There are many ways to contact Otithelis.com

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Websites created by OtiThelis.com

retomalaka.com is the perfect homepage to have. It has google search, image search, and torrent search. These searches are available in any language you type into them. Also available on the site is a wikipedia search, which unfortunately is available only in English. But the prize that makes this page worthwhile is the online radio stations. One click and you can listen to your favourite genres of music. There is a heavy metal section, an old classic rock section, a hip-hop and rap section and many more. All radio stations are checked regularly so you will not have to worry about any links not working. Many more things are available, and at a name that any Greek can easily remember.

That's Poutsa.net, not Poutsa.com. This website is about the penis festival that happens every year in the prefecture of Larissa Greece. Again it has a name that is easy to remember. The festival has been going on for thousands of years and is a local tradition in the village of Tyrnavo

Larissatora.com accepts no advertising, All the places you see featured in LarissaTora.com appear as a direct result of the high recommendation of the people of Larissa. The website is a guide telling new residents and visitors about parks, recreation areas, museums and fun places in Larissa and close to Larissa. Included are a handfull of very highly recommended places to eat, drink and shop in Larissa.

islsite.com is the official website of "The International School of Larissa". This website includes photos of the students and teachers as well as all the yearbooks that the school has ever created.

mathimata.com is a website that is the perfect homepage for highschool students. It contains; google searchbox, image searchbox, wikipedia searchbox, youtube searchbox, multi-language dictionary, torrent searchbox, links to hotmail, Gmail, yahoomail and hundreds of links to educational sites. And it loads extremely fast. Try this as your homepage for one week and you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

tsagalis.net is the official website for the "Orthopaedic Online Information Centre" which was founded by Dr. Tsagalis, an Orthopaedic Surgeon located in Larissa

gofifo.com is the simple website of "Fifo Family Restaurant". A restaurant that caters to every taste.